The Joy and Responsibility of Being A Praying Church

April 22, 2024

Jubilee Family,

In Part 2 of A Praying Church: Becoming a People of Hope in a Discouraging World, Miller focuses on the importance of the church's saints and the church's role in praying together. Remember that the New Testament doesn’t designate some super-spiritual Christian as a saint. A Christian is a saint through the person and work of Christ. In the last chapter of this section, Miller unpacks the Parable of the Missing CEO. Spend some time thinking about this quote from the chapter:

Praying together isn’t disconnected from reality; it connects us with the church’s deepest management need — the executive power and wisdom of the Spirit of Jesus. A praying community makes space for the Spirit, who, in turn, brings us Jesus. He is the boss (92).  

Jubilee, join us in the joy and responsibility of being a praying church. Find yourself not only praying on your own but also praying with us. Aim to set aside one of the three times we gather to pray and add your saintly voice to our community by praying to a big God to do mighty things for his beautiful glory. It’s been a joy to do the saintly work of praying together!

Pastor Lew